Mobility strategies
Design of sustainable mobility strategies in different territories. Recently completed Tâmega e Sousa, continuing to be involved in several projects in Saudi Arabia.
Network design
Design of public transport networks (organization of lines, timetables, fleet and drivers). With over than 40 networks designed, is now collaborating with STCP and designing Figueira da Foz network.
Production and maintenance of GTFS (schedule and realtime) to feed the systems: public information, SAE, ticketing, scheduling and reporting. With projects in the Algarve, Cascais and Évora.
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Monitoring the public passenger transport service
Monitoring of contracts based on GPS data, validations and sales. Currently working in Guimarães, Vila Real, Arganil, among others.
Public transport information
Communication solutions for transport networks through schematic maps, timetables and stop signs.
Customer communication
Creation of campaigns to promote public transport solutions. Recently launched the book "Uma viagem com o Oli", regarding Carris' school transport, in Freguesia dos Olivais, Lisbon.
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Operational and economic assessment
Cost-benefit analyses, evaluation and due diligence on investment projects, in particular, public transport. Projects are currently underway in Portugal and Turkey.