The organization of transport systems and land use are in the genesis of TRENMO since its beginnings. Although its core business is focused on transport network design, in recent years it has broadened its approach to integrate territory and organize various components of the mobility system.

The TRENMO’s approach has been developed along with the territory and with the organization of the mobility system in all kind of branches such as economic analysis, mobility strategies, demand studies, operational management, logistics and even business organization. For projects that are closer to territorial and local development, TRENMO gave rise to SÍTIOS E MEMÓRIAS that works on both rural and urban areas.

More than fifteen years of experience with diverse projects has invariably resulted in implementations that gave a profound impact on various communities. Therefore, TRENMO has been gaining precious experience in monitoring the implementation of the solutions that are considered one of the key elements to reach the defined objectives and that has been a big contribution to define its brand image.

The actions taken are mainly based on understanding the new challenges of sustainable mobility and addressing the problems in a particular way, by developing multiple tools and methodologies for their resolution.

The links maintained with various scientific institutions allows TRENMO to be present in innovative projects in the transport sector and follow the latest issues in this area of knowledge.